Covid 19

Many of you have been asking when we will return to our dental practice. With government restrictions being lifted, we have returned to work on TUESDAY, MAY 26, 2020 . We will be resuming all cleanings, preventative, restorative, Root canals, Oral Surgery, Implants, Periodontal, Orthodontic treatment etc.
To protect the health of our patients and staff members, the office is following the recommended CDC, OSHA, and ADA COVID-19 guidelines. In addition to what has been recommended, we have made immense improvements to our infection control protocol. We want to assure that everyone will be protected during cleanings and more complex work.

Here are the protocols that we have implemented:

  • All staff members have been tested and are currently negative for COVID-19
  • Patient’s temperature readings will be taken prior to entering office with a non-contact thermometer for every appointment before treatment will commence.
  • N95 masks will be worn by all treating dentists and all the staff assisting them.
  • All Doctors will wear Face shields as well as their dental assistants
  • All scheduled appointments will be timed to maximize ‘Social distancing’ which will enable us to screen patients as well as thoroughly disinfect and sanitize that operatories.
  • As in the past, all treatment room surfaces are disinfected before and after each procedure
  • We have a space of six to eight feet between all chairs in the waiting room, the waiting room and chairs are disinfected between all patients
  • We have a UVC/Ozone Room Sanitizer that runs at the end of each day
  • A medical grade HEPA Air Purifier is present and on in all operatories during dental procedures.
  • High power vacuum unit used for aerosol producing procedures
  • We have installed custom made Flexi-glass Sneeze Guards to protect our front desk staff and the patients
  • We have Monitored sterilization procedures for all instruments.
  • We will use disposable products when sterilization is not appropriate.
  • We have private room medical history updates for all patients over 65 yrs of age
  • Our six separate operatories, a large waiting room, two private bathrooms, private parking lot, foyer, and our dental office with separate entrances and exits drastically reduce and minimize patient contact
  • Pre-appointment Online forms
  • Pre- Approved credit Card payments and non-contact Checkout protocols

Prior to your appointment:

  • We will send you a “COVID Screening & Wellness Test” electronic form via email that is to be completed online . Please complete and sign this 2-page form and click “submit” prior to your appointment. If you are having any difficulties with the online form, we will also send you the form as an attachment via email. You will have to print the form, complete it and then scan and send them back to [email protected]. You may also electronically complete the forms using your phone or computer’s PDF filler (such as Adobe or Mac “Preview).
  • All new patients must complete their patient registration online. The registration forms will be emailed to you after making your appointment. If you are having any difficulties with the online form, we will also send you the forms as an attachment via email. You will have to print the form, complete them and then scan and email them to [email protected]. You may also electronically complete the forms using your phone or computer’s PDF filler (such as Adobe or Mac “Preview). If you are unable to do any of the above, you may take a picture of a completed form and email it to us.
  • To minimize contact between patients and staff, we are asking that you take a picture of the following documents and e-mail them to us.
    • Front and back of your dental and medical insurance cards if you have coverage.
    • The front of your Driver’s License, State ID, or Picture Identification.
  • You will be contacted the day before your appointment, and the pre-appointment screening questions will be asked. In addition to this, we will inform you of your estimated out of pocket expense. This expense can be paid over the phone if paying with a card, via Paypal, or it can be paid in office.
    • If you prefer to cover your expense when you come to the office, we will disinfect your card prior to its use.
    • If you prefer to cover your expense with cash, we ask that you bring exact change.
  • Only one patient at a time is allowed in the office unless the patient is under 18 years old,the patient requires assistance, or patients are from the same family . We understand that partners and/or parents may want to be included in the decision making after treatment planning, the treating dentist will go over the treatment plan in office structured for such. All other accompanying persons can drop the patient off and wait in our private parking lot if need be. There is an exception for immediate family members who want to come in together. We have 4-5 chairs placed 6-8 feet apart in the waiting room and 6 operatories to accommodate them ONLY if necessary.

Day of your appointment:

  • There is a private parking available behind our building
  • Once you park, please call the office to confirm that it is safe to enter the office .
  • Once it is safe to enter the office, you will come into the foyer and your temperature will be taken with a touchless forehead thermometer ; we will leave the door open for you to walk through
  • There’s a standing touch free hand sanitizer station to disinfect your hand.
  • The same COVID-19 questions will be asked to see if there have been any new changes and/or developments.
  • A face mask or face covering is mandatory in order to enter the office space .
  • We take several steps to thoroughly disinfect and sterilize the entire office space, including all treatment areas between so please get comfortable!
  • Once you are seated in the chair, we will have you rinse for 30 seconds with diluted hydrogen peroxide to help eliminate any bacteria and viruses that are in your mouth. After rinsing, there is no need to place your masks over your nose and mouth.
  • We will give you safety goggles to wear prior to Dr. Happiness or another doctor beginning their exam or treatment.

After your appointment:

  • Please remain in the room after your appointment is complete.
  • You will be escorted out of the room, and the staff will arrange for any additional appointments that may be required. You will also be given a post treatment instruction sheet, which can be photographed or emailed to you upon request.
  • The front or back door to the office will be left open for you, please exit and leave the door open.

We want to provide a safe, comfortable, and secure environment- although appointments may seem longer, your safety and well-being are our utmost priority. We ask for your continued patience and understanding during this unprecedented time. We are stronger together and will continue to take care of you and your dental needs. We look forward to reconnecting with all of you and providing the best, and safest, dental care. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and/or concerns.


Dr. Happiness, all the Doctors and staff at Happy Smile Dental & Associates LLC

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